Find all the treasures of the sea !

Dive into the ocean with your friends and family without putting on your swimsuit! Simply put on a Virtual Reality headset, and set off to explore the ocean depths in search of treasures. Your goal? To cooperate and find hidden marvels in a colorful landscape concealing a thousand surprises.

Aqualia, Treasures of the Seas, is an underwater exploration game in which groups, families and friends go on a treasure hunt together and harvest the wonders scattered at the bottom of the sea. Aqualia is an easy and immersive experience, perfect as an introduction to Virtual Reality. Players are encouraged to explore a rich environment composed of different lively atmospheres, cooperate to open mysterious chests, and try to find all the hidden treasures.

Aqualia trailer



Captain Clam

In the tutorial played at the beginning of the game, this pirate/clam character welcomes you and explains the important parts of the gameplay like how to swim around the environment, and how to pick up treasures.

The shipwreck

This easily recognizable landmark is placed in the center of the environment to allow players to swim around while always maintaining a sense of direction, and being able to explain their position to the others.The tutorial and the score count at the end take place inside this shipwreck. It is also where the current score and remaining time are displayed during the game.