Beat the rhythm to win the longship race !

Ragnaröck is a VR game of rhythm and skill. To the sound of Celtic music, be the best viking captain and lead your longship by hitting the notes correctly to leave the others far behind. Engage in a wild race with your friends and set the tempo for your rowers to beat all your competitors !

Ragnaröck is a multiplayer rhythm game in which each player leads a longship, and competes against the others in a race. The songs perfectly fit the theme, with a lively and rhythmic Celtic style. Thanks to a very simple gameplay, Ragnaröck is perfect for first-time VR players. Only their sense of rhythm matters! For more advanced players, a worldwide leaderboard is displayed at the end of the game to compare their skills and try to beat the highest score.

Ragnaröck trailer




The hammers are the tools placed in your hands. The only action required in the game is to swing the hammers to crush the incoming runes when they reach the drums. The more hits you achieve, the more energy your hammers accumulate, until you can activate a fully charged combo that will provide you with a speed bonus.


Each player is placed at the rear of their own longship, facing four drums and a team of rowers. Runes will come flying from the front of the ship. The rowers will row if you hit the runes correctly in sync with the music, but they will stop whenever you make a mistake. They will also row a lot faster when you activate a speed combo.