Fallen tribes

Ready to fight for your survival ?

Vestiges: Fallen Tribes is a strategy card game mixed with an autobattler and set in a tribal science-fiction universe. The game is available on Steam and is VR compatible.

In a world where water has become rare, lead your clan and face your opponents in strategic PvP battles. Improve your deck of cards, make the right tactical decisions, and place your soldiers on the battlefield so that they take over the enemy’s battalion.

Vestiges: Fallen tribes trailer




Vestiges: Fallen Tribes is a collectible card game in which players can collect cards and build their own deck. Every deck represents a different faction with different strenghs and weaknesses. Players need to choose their cards wisely to beat their opponents.


Figurines are one of the main elements of the game. When players choose a card to play, they actually choose figurines to place on the battlefield. Each figurines have a specific move and the players can observe them during the resolution phase.