Free the people of Yucatan !

Yucatan is a VR experience in the heart of the extraordinary Mayan civilization. Immersed into exotic and beautiful landscapes, recover powerful gemstones through different trials of reasoning, cooperation, agility and organization. Stand up against Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, in the final fight, and free your people from his grip !

Yucatan combines cooperation and adventure during 40 minutes of amazement and fun for all the family. The players are an integral part of the story told by the characters in the game and the success of the mission is entirely up to them. Up to 4 pairs of players can play together and have to complete several trials in a limited time. In the end, all players will come together to fight and hopefully destroy the feathered serpent. Yucatan is a free-roaming experience designed to use the physical playing space and ensure freedom of movement for 2 people cooperating in the same space.

Yucatan trailer




After losing most of her powers in a fight against Quetzalcoatl, the goddess Huracan was reduced to a feeble appearance. She is the guide who recruted the best mayan warriors (you!) to help her beat her sworn enemy and will follow you during the whole game to give you advice along the way.


The powerful feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl is a cruel god who wants to be worshipped through human sacrifices. The goal of the game is to find powerful gemstones capable of hurting him, and vanquish him in an epic final battle. His body is randomly constructed from blocks of different colors, and is vulnerable to the different colored gemstones.